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17. června 2011 v 19:03 | Verunka |  I'm writing
Do you know what a memoir is?
I'm sure you do. Memoir is something that happened to you and you write it down without any changes as you remeber it. My memoir is pretty short but I thought you would maybe found it interesting. So here you go.

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I felt heat, energy and excitement. I was having such a good time. I loved it. Finally we were together again. Everyone who was important to me was there, everyone came. That doesn't happen very often.
Lights were flashing, and the Dj was picking the newest and most popular songs to amuse everyone in the club. A few people got up and started dancing, but I wasn't feeling like dancing today. I wanted to talk and talk and laugh.
I checked the time and saw that I should leave in a few minutes if I wanted to get home in time. Why does the time go by so quickly when you're having fun? This was one of the days when I wasn't that lucky and I couldn't persuade my mum to stay outside longer. I took my coat and said good bye. While hugging we were reassuring each other that we would all meet soon again. I knew it was not true.
Out on the street, it was snowing. I checked the time again. 10:45pm. Going to be close. I zipped my coat and quickly headed back home. It was a beautiful night. The lamps lit the street with a warm yellow light and the snowflakes slowly fell to the ground joining the rest of the white cover. Despite the cold and darkness I liked it. I got to the subway and waited for the train. Subway at night is usually scary because of its emptiness. You're there hearing your own breath and wishing that the stranger standing on the other side won't stare at you so hard. But it wasn't that late yet. The city was just waking up and the subway was full of people heading to music clubs, pubs and parties.
In a short time I heard the name of my stop and I walked out on the streets again. It was freezing and the snowflakes grew bigger and fell faster on the now white sidewalk. I opened my bag and grabbed my brown gloves with glittering pink hearts and put them on. I would like them much more without the childish hearts, but I have had them for so long, I don't care anymore. I took a right turn and headed to the bus station. I had to use my hand to wipe off the snow of the bus schedule. I hoped I wouldn't have to wait long but I knew that this late the buses arrived in long intervals. But maybe I'll be lucky. I wasn't. I had no choice but to walk home. It was nearly 11pm. Despite the fact that I was walking fast, the moment seemed endless. To make it even worse, a strong freezing wind started to blow. I was rushing through the city, the snow crunching under my steps and I was hoping that at least the wind would stop. But that didn't happen.
Suddenly I spotted something in the snow. It was still too far away to identify but despite the distance, I realized that whatever it was, it was not small. I slowed down and focused then I realized what it was. A chill ran through me. There in front of me on the ground half covered in snow, was a person. I was shocked and I didn't know what to do. He had a long dark beard onto which had frozen droplets of ice and the same happened with his hair. Through the cover of snow I saw that his clothes were torn in many places. His eyes were shut, his face without expression. He wasn't moving, neither was I.
I knew I had to do something but I heard an ambulance siren and realized that somebody already did. But that somebody called an ambulance and left. The ambulance stopped next to me and two men jumped quickly out of it. While passing, one of them asked if it was me who called them. I shook my head, still in shock, staring at the man on the ground. After one paramedic touched the neck of the man and made a quick examination he looked at his partner and slowly nodded. He nodded back, turned around and went back to the ambulance. A few seconds later I saw him getting out with a big black bag. Somewhere, far away, a church bell started to ring. It rang eleven times. I turned around with tears in my eyes and walked home.
I didn't care about the time anymore, or about the freezing wind and the never ending snow. When I arrived home mum wasn't happy at all. Slowly I walked into my bedroom. I shut the door, lay down on the bed and closed my eyes. And there he was again. A frozen man, who had no place to warm up. He was a stranger to me, I didn't know anything about him. Maybe he was a good person and maybe he wasn't good at all, but despite the fact that I didn't know him, I cried. I cried because of his death. I cried because I was shocked. I cried because I was scared. I cried until a sleep saved me and took me away on its dark wings of oblivion.

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1 Vendy Vendy | Web | 17. června 2011 v 20:44 | Reagovat

Chtěla bych pochválit obrázek.
K textu bohužel nic neřeknu, to přenechám těm, kteří anglicky čtou stejně dobře, jako mluví... :-D

2 | Web | 17. června 2011 v 21:35 | Reagovat

Obrázek se mi taky mi moc zalíbil tak jsem ho sem prilipla ;) možna bych to mohla přeložit.. Nevím nevím :)

3 Vendy Vendy | Web | 18. června 2011 v 22:20 | Reagovat

[2]: To je v pohodě, já to beru tak, že anglický text je pro tebe zároveň i procvičení se v řeči, takže nemám výhrady. Jen to prostě nepřečtu... :-D
A pro tebe je to rozhodně lepší, takže piš dál tak, jak chceš.

4 Bumblebee Bumblebee | Web | 19. června 2011 v 3:29 | Reagovat

Skoda 8-O Zrovna tvůj názor by me moc zajímal :-)

5 Malé Chlupaté Stvoření z Alfa Centauri Malé Chlupaté Stvoření z Alfa Centauri | Web | 20. června 2011 v 19:32 | Reagovat


Děkuji ti za upozornění, není to žádný z mých příbuzných, které znám, ale třebas je to můj verlevzdálený bratránek který jednou upadl do černé díry! :-D Každopádně tam nacházím spousty skvělých receptů!

6 bumblebee bumblebee | Web | 21. června 2011 v 2:38 | Reagovat

:-D to je hlavní! :)

7 Drak Drak | Web | 22. června 2011 v 8:45 | Reagovat

jej, škoda, že angličtina není mojí silnou stránkou.... :-(

8 bumblebee bumblebee | Web | 22. června 2011 v 12:34 | Reagovat

jéje..:( tak to pardon, nicméně přemýšlím o tom že to přepíšu do angličtiny, ale nevím jak to vyzní :) no za pokus to stojí ;)

9 vik vik | Web | 22. června 2011 v 18:59 | Reagovat

Ich špreche deutsche nicht 8-O

10 bumblebee bumblebee | Web | 12. června 2012 v 19:27 | Reagovat


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